Will Levitra work for a smoker too?

We all know that Levitra is a pill that works for all kinds of impotent men, no matter what. In fact, even people with diabetes can use the pill and enjoy its benefits. But does it mean to say that the medicine can be used in any way and it will still give the same results? Can it have the same effect on smokers as it does for other people? Is it OK if we buy Levitra today and use it while smoking or after use. All the answers are discussed below.

Levitra effect on a smoker

Levitra-effect-on-a-smokerEven a smoker can purchase Levitra (vardenafil) from online drugstores and can get an erection as quick as any other man. It pretty much works the same way in an occasional smoker as it does in a healthy person. But regular smokers do face difficult to get an erection at times, even with the help of this medicine. This mostly happens in the case of chain smokers because smoking can cause a hindrance to blood flow in different parts of the body and this includes the penis too. Smoking is actually one of the main underlying causes of erectile dysfunction itself. But this problem of Levitra does not prevail among all smokers where most of them have seen to have the same effect as non-smokers. It is equally capable of relaxing and dilating the blood vessels of the smoker and inhibiting the PDE5 enzyme to facilitate erection. But some smokers do report to have seen a weak erection when they took this pill soon after smoking. Hence do not smoke immediately before taking the medication. The final verdict on pill’s effectiveness on a smoker is that it depends on two factors, the frequency of smoking and time of smoking. By keeping these two factors in mind, even smokers can have a satisfying sexual life.

How to get the most out of Levitra?

getting most out of levitra

There, however, are some aspects due to which reduced the effectiveness of Levitra can be noticed. They are:

Take it 30 minutes prior to sexual activity: Levitra takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to show its effect after the consumption. Hence having it less than 1 hour before the anticipated sexual intercourse might not give you the results that you desire. So time the intake properly.

Limit Alcohol: Taking Levitra along with alcohol is known to increase the intensity of side effects. It causes more dizziness and impairs thinking to a great extent. So limit its consumption.

Avoid Grapefruit: Some components present in grape juice make the blood have more levels of vardenafil and hence the body might suffer from side effects as a result. It is suggested to also avoid drinks or juices that contain grapefruit in them.

Avoid Nitrates: The drug by itself is known to tamper with the blood pressure of an individual. Taking it along with medicines that contain nitrates in them is known to seriously decrease blood pressure levels.

Stick to light food: Heavy and fatty food are known to induce drowsiness and reduce the alertness. Moreover, it also reduces the absorption rate of the medicine into the body. Hence stick to a light meal that is devoid of heavy fat.

Opt for reputed online pharmacy to purchase Levitra: Since it is a common ED drug, some counterfeit online pharmacies sell fake pills to people. Hence, it is always advised to do a deep research on the online pharmacy from where the pill is purchased. As there are both brand and generic versions of this medicines. One can also buy vardenafil online, a generic form, which can be purchased from a reputed mail order pharmacy, which sells genuine drugs at affordable pills without compromising on the quality of the pills. The advantage of buying pills from online portals is that the pills will be delivered to your doorsteps without any hassle. Buy levitra 20mg for the best result at an affordable price at the best online pharmacy without worrying about getting fake pills to treat your ED problem.