Using Acupuncture as a Stop Smoking Method

Michael Smith was the trailblazer in the area of researching, developing, and refinging acupuncture as a stop smoking method to help patients with drug detox in the 1970′s. He primarily focused on using acupuncture in the vicinity of the patient’s ear. During his research, he closely looked at the nature of patient addiction and how acupuncture could be used to help curb addiction in patients with addictions to drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Although his work was geared towards hard drugs, it has since been extended towards helping smokers overcome their addiction to nicotine.

How Does Acupuncture Help You Stop Smoking?
The primary goal of using acupuncture to help you stop smoking lies in using the technique to curb the nicotine withdrawal symptoms that you experience from quitting smoking. Acupuncture techniques are use to release the same endorphins and ekephalins into your body that nicotine does in order to reduce the stress and anxiety levels normally experienced by smokers attempting to quit. Although acupuncture techniques have been around for over 3000 years and are rooted in Chinese medicine, the technique has varying support through the medical community. When you see an acupuncture therapist to help you stop smoking, they will insert needles at pre-determined acupuncture points around your ear, hand, and wrist which will be followed by a 30 minute to one hour mediation session. The needles will stimulate your body releasing the endorphins that nicotine normally does…and hopefully help you kick the habit! Acupuncture therapy also makes use of herbal remedies to supplement the stop smoking method. Many acupuncturists will apply clove oil to the acupuncture points on your body along with a mixture of wintergreen oil followed by extracts of Evodia fuit and Sichuan Lovage Rhizome. This treatment is supposed to make you not like the smell or taste of cigarettes similar to some stop smoking pills.

Regardless of if you choose to look into using acupuncture therapy to help you stop smoking or not, it is still advisable to join an emotional support group or network in conjunction with this method for kicking the habit for good!

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