Stop Smoking Products – ePuffer Electronic Pipe

The ePuffer company is better known for their electronic cigars, however, they have also begun producing an electronic pipe for a safer alternative for pipe smokers to use instead of traditional tobacco pipes. The ePuffer pipe is non-flammable and provides a “clean” alternative to pipe smokers since it does not contain tar, carbon monoxide, or other cancer causing agents while maintaining the “look and feel” of a traditional pipe.

ePuffer Electronic Pipe Specifications

Manufacturer: ePuffer

Country: Canada

Model(s): Electronic Pipe

Price (per unit): $129.00 with 3 pipe cartridges

Flavors: 4 (regular, mint, apple, cherry)

Nicotine Level(s): 0mg, Low (.6mg), Mild (1.1 mg), High (1.6mg)

Starter Kit: Contains: 1 electronic pipe, 1 a/c batter charger, 2 rechargeable batteries, 3 nicotine/flavor cartridges, 1 bonus 4 pack of cartridges, 1 instruction manual.

Using the ePuffer Electronic Pipe

Similar to electronic cigarettes and cigars, electronic pipes are slowly gaining in popularity due to the reduction in toxins contained in the electronic pipe when compared to traditional pipe smoking. When you inhale on the electronic pipe, the airflow is detected by the pipe’s microprocessor when activates the ePuffer atomizer. The atomizer then injects drops from the cartridge containing the pipe flavoring and nicotine into the airflow that produces the vapor for the smoker to inhale. The propylene glycol that is also injected to the vapor mist creates a “smoke-like” feel to the pipe smoke while activating an orange light at the tip of the pipe to better simulate the pipe smoking experience.

ePuffer Disposable Cigar Information

Similar to other electronic cigarettes and cigars, the ePuffer electronic pipe is not marketed as a stop smoking product. Benefits of shifting to an electronic pipe such as the ePuffer model include the reduction of second-hand smoke and toxins that your body is exposed to when using the product.

For more information on the product, you can visit the ePuffer website.

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