Stop Smoking Products – ePuffer Cohita Electronic Cigars

ePuffer Electronic Cigars started being advertised heavily in early 2009. The ePuffer electronic cigar is a disposable electronic cigar with no cartridges to replace or batteries to charge-up in order to use the e-Cigar. ePuffer refers to their e-Cigars as “Cohitas” due to the simulated taste being geared to mimic the traditional Cuban cigars.

ePuffer Cohita Disposable Cigar Specifics

Manufacturer: ePuffer

Country: Canada

Model(s): Cohita 1800 and 1800E

Price (per unit): $29.00, $24.00 when purchased in a package of 5

Flavors: 1

Nicotine Level(s): 16 mg

Draw Required: Medium

Starter Kit: Contains 1 Cohita 1800 Electronic Cigar, 1 mouthpiece, and instructions for use.

Using the ePuffer Disposable Cigar

Electronic Cigars are gaining in popularity due to the reduction of toxins contained in the cigar compared to traditional tobacco cigars as well as the ability of e-Cigars such as the ePuffer product to be smoked for a short while and reused later. The ePuffer Cohita will require you to push the mouthpiece into the cigar when you receive your kit. This will connect the e-Cigar battery and open the “built-in” cigar cartridge to permit the nicotine mix to enter the atomizer. Some users of the ePuffer report that it can take up to two hours for the atomizer to be fully saturated by the cartridge on first use of the product. The 16 mg level of nicotine may also prove to be less intense than that found in traditional cigars depending on your frequency of cigar smoking. The atomizer may also require you to take a few puffs in order to experience the full flavor of the cigar.

ePuffer Disposable Cigar Information

The battery on the ePuffer cigar acts as the control for turning on the atomizer of the e-Cigar and lighting the tip of the cigar when you puff on the cigar. Out of the box, the built-in battery of the ePuffer Cohita is rated at 1800 puffs which is equivalent to just over 20 cigars not counting primer puffs for an average cigar smoker. The cigar does not contain a “cut off” switch. It will secure the battery each time you quit puffing on the cigar. There has not been published, negative feedback on the ePuffer battery life since the product’s release. After the battery dies, the intention of the manufacturer is for you to throw away the old cigar and use a new one. The cost of the ePuffer Cohita is considered mid-range for electronic cigars with the 1800 puff rating per unit.

Similar to other electronic cigarettes and cigars, the ePuffer is not marketed as a stop smoking product. Benefits of shifting to an electronic cigar such as the ePuffer Cohita include the reduction of second-hand smoke and toxins that your body is exposed to when using the product.

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