Stop Smoking Product – Smoke Away

Every year, numerous smokers try to kick the habit and fail. Using a stop smoking product or remedy to help you get over nicotine addiction and get through the associatedwithdrawal symptoms is a proven means to success. Smoke Away is an herbal stop smoking product that may be able to help you quit smoking for good.

How Does Smoke Away Work?

The Smoke Away smoking cessation kit comes in two options. The first, a premium option comes with two different herbal mixes in the form of pills that is meant to last up to 30 days, an associated support CD, and an instruction manual. If you purchase the premium plus kit, you get the premium kit contents plus an aroma therapy product and a multivitamin. When you get the Smoke Away kits, you get a week’s worth of the “Formula 1″ Smoke Away pills, a month’s worth of the “Formula 2″ pills, and 30 days worth of homeopathic pills. When you take Smoke Away, you take the formula 1 pill three times a day. After five days, you take a self assessment to see if you can reduce the dosage of Smoke Away that you take. The Formula 2 pill is taken starting in the second week of the program. While you are taking the pills, the Smoke Away program intends for you to use the manual and CD to help give yourself motivational support and to stick with the program. They also put additional information on the Smoke Away website to help further answer any questions that you have about the program.

What is in Smoke Away?

Smoke Away does not contain any of the toxins found in tobacco cigarettes or cigars. It only contains naturally occurring herbs in the two formulas and homeopathic pellets. The herbs and ingredients contained in Smoke Away’s formula 1 are:
– Vitamin C, Iron, Iodine, Alfalfa Leaf, Sodium, Alfalfa Leaf, Licorice root, Siberian ginseng root (for stress relief), Cayenne pepper, dandelion root, echinacea purpurea, ginger root, peppermint leaf, sarsaparilla root, buckthorn bark, burdock root, hyssop, Lobelia, passion flower, cascara sagrada bark, oregon grape root, barely brass, bayberry bark, golden seal, lemon verbena leaf, ox bile extract, safflower seed oil, elderberry fruit extract, and bioperine standardized black petter extract.
Ingredients found in formula 2 are:
– Many of those found in Formula 1, and:
Vitamin E, Selenium, Red Clover, Pantothenic acid, got kola, milk thistle, rosemary, thyme, black cumin, wild jujube, and quercetin dihydrate.
The homeopathic pellets ingredients are:
tabacum, cadmium sulphate, antimonium crudum, lobella inflata, nux vomica, and caladium seguinum.

Should You Use Smoke Away?

When Smoke Away originally came out earlier in the decade, the company got in a bit of trouble for making claims for how quickly the product would have you stopping smoking. Smoke Away tweaked their advertising campaign, and is one of the more popular herbal stop smoking remedies on the market today. If you are looking for a stop smoking product to incorporate into your stop smoking plan, its worth taking a look at Smoke Away.

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