Smoking Cessation Products – Smoke Deter

Most people who smoke know that it is bad for their health. Quitting cigarettes is one of the hardest things you can do in life. The addiction level of cigarettes has been compared to that of crack cocaine or heroin. Smoking cessation products are sold in order to help you get rid of your addiction to tobacco. One of the recent developments in smoking cessation has been in herbal remedies. These remedies help suppress your desire to smoke and ultimately help provide you more assistance in kicking the habit and nicotine. One of the herbal stop smoking aids on the market to help you kick the habit is Smoke Deter.

How Does Smoke Deter Work?

Smoke Deter is an herbal stop smoking remedy. It is referred to as a homeopathic oral spray which you spray under your tongue. Testing of the Smoke Deter product has been met with good success by helping smokers better manage their nicotine cravings. The way Smoke Deter helps to curb your desire for nicotine is that it works to relieve you of the symptoms normally experienced with nicotine withdrawal. It is made to help you physically deal with the common withdrawal symptoms that smokers experience when removing nicotine from their bodies such as anxiety, nausea, insomnia, and cravings for food.

What Ingredients Are in Smoke Deter?

Smoke Deter’s ingredients are a mixture of non-toxic herbs that help to alleviate your physical and psychological addictions to tobacco. The other ingredients contained within Smoke Deter are water and organic alcohol. Some of the ingredients contained in Smoke Deter are avena, aconitum napellus, and abies nigra. Avena is an herb that is used to help you relax or sooth your nerves; Aconitum napellus is a plant extract that helps reduce the effects of coughing and restlessness from your nicotine withdrawal; and Abies Nigra is used to help reduce your hunger pains and headaches. When you take Smoke Deter it is supposed to be used three times a day with two sprays on each use under your tongue. There is also a Smoke Deter dietary supplement that you can take once a day which contains additional herbs such as lobelia extract, licorice root extract, and coral calcium.

Should I Use Smoke Deter?

Choosing a smoking cessation product is a personal decision. The key is that you are choosing to do something about quitting cigarettes. Most smoking cessation products have been proven to be more effective if you use some form of pyschological feedback or support network in conjunction with your efforts to kick the habit.

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