Mouth Cancer Symptoms

The mouth and other portions of the throat and back of the mouth are part of the oral cavity. Mouth cancer is also call oral cavity cancer in which it also includes other parts such as the lips, lining that are in the cheeks, the salivary gland, soft and hard palate, tongue, teeth and tonsils. Mouth cancer is very danger, because it does not only affect one part of your body but also spreads to the different parts that are near the primary affected organ. Mouth cancer can quickly spread to other parts of the oral cavity due to their close proximity. This kind of cancer is part in a group called the neck and the head cancer. Primarily this kind of cancer will start in the tongue and then to the floor of the mouth where there are many flat cells in which cancers usually begin in these type of cells in the body.

The cancerous cells of mouth cancer spread to other parts of the mouth and it usually go through the lymphatic system of the body. This system carries the cell in watery fluid that is clear and affects most lymph nodes in the neck which now can spread to other parts of the body. It is said that the cancerous cells can spread to other parts of the body like the lungs which is a primary organ but some of these cancer cells that are found in this organ can be basically cells that are in oral cancer cells.

Here are some of the risk factors that can be affected by oral cancer; tobacco users which are the number one risk factor in the list for mouth cancer. Heavy smokers combined with alcohol have the highest risk and many studies say that 3 out of 4 people that use cigarette and alcohol usually get some form of oral cancer. People that drink too much and even though they do not smoke can be at significant risk as well. The hereditary of a person can also be a significant risk factor if there is a history of heavy smoking, drinking, and exposure to the sun. There are different symptoms that can be found in a person with oral cancer and they are as follows: patches that can be found inside the mouth which look like white and red in color, difficulty in swallowing, soreness in the lips and other parts of the mouth which does not heal, bleeding, experience loose of the teeth are basically common symptoms that can be found in person with such disease.

If you notice or think you have mouth cancer symptoms , it is very important to go immediately to your physician or your dentist so that your throat and mouth will be examined properly by the experts. These physical examinations and other hunch may be confirmed if biopsy is taken, like with most cancers. This is a confirmatory diagnostic exam you can have. The treatment of the cancer depends on what stage it is under, surgery; chemotherapy and radiation are its common solution.

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