Kidney Cancer Symptoms

The kidneys are describe as an organ that is always in pair, it is at the lower of the abdomen or it can be either at the side of your spine. The size of the kidney is like your fist which is attached to your adrenal gland and it is protected with tissues that are very fibrous. It is a fact the kidneys is one part of your urinary system that controls and is responsible to excrete excess water in the body and in the blood. Another function of the kidney is to control the pressure in the blood and they also produce blood cells which are the red one. It is said the most cancers can start in the kidneys and this is one common in adults. Another name of this kind of cancer is renal adenocarcinoma that can also affect the renal pelvis of a person.

The cancerous cells in the kidney can also spread outside the organ which is brought by the blood the runs through the system and affects the nearest lymph nodes. Other parts of the body that can be affected are the bones, lungs and breast which are also very prone to be affected. When the cancer cells will spread to this organs it easily affects the function of the organs, the process of affecting other part is the same with other types of cancer in the body.

The common kidney cancer patients are from the age bracket of 40 years old and like in any other cancer the cause of the cancer are not known. This kind of cancer is not contagious and there is no such thing as infected with cancer with just by touching. Here are some of the kidney cancer risk factors: Smoking which contains very dangerous chemicals that kill the body cells. If you are obese you are prone to this kind of cancer. If you have high blood pressure you have a high risk to have kidney cancer since your blood cannot excrete much excessive water and the kidney may contain it all. If your family blood line has been infected with cancer you will still have a high percentage of accruing the disease. Many studies also states that male usually are affected with this kind of cancer because they tend to be prone to other factors that may develop into such. Common kidney cancer symptoms associated with this condition are weight loss, fever and blood in the urine.

Diagnostic exams should follow to every hunch that you will have, it is very important to know any problems as early as possible to prevent other problems you may encounter in connection with this kind of cancer. Physical examination, Urine test and blood test can be done primarily and if not contented with the result you need to have biopsy which is the confirmatory diagnostic exam for cancer. Some doctors may recommend surgery that removes part of your kidney that is affected by the cancer cells.

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