How to Eliminate Cigarette Odor from Your Home or Vehicle

Smoking inside of your home or vehicle can leave a persistent and unpleasant smell well after the cigarette has been smoked. Through in the irritation that the remnants of cigarette smoke can entail for those with asthma and allergies, and getting rid or eliminating cigarette odor from your home or car can become a major priority. The first step that many people take when trying to eliminate cigarette odor from their home or car is to use air fresheners or aromatic candles which end up layering the cigarette smoke odor with a sweet smell. The following are some steps that you can take to get rid of smoke odor in your home or car before going to spend money on a more expensive piece of equipment such as a smoke eater or ionizing air cleaner.

Home Remedies to Eliminate Cigarette Odor

1 – Wash Everything You Can

Doesn’t seem too complicated right? If you have one room that just stinks from cigarette odor, wash or dry clean everything that you can in the room. If it has carpets, go rent a steam cleaner and clean the carpet, couches, etc as well. Once you’re done, the smell should improve.

2 – Vacuum the Floor

If you let people smoke in the home, its inevitable that some cigarette ash will fall on the carpet. You may not even notice the ash depending on the color of carpet that you have. Vacuum the carpet, or sweep hard wood floors before starting to use chemicals on the room to remove odor.

3 – Set Out Charcoal

Put some containers open to the air that have charcoal in them around the room or your vehicle. It will take about a week, but the charcoal will do an effective job of absorbing the smoke odor from the atmosphere and will result in an improvement in the overall smell of the room.

4 – Set Out White Vinegar

For the first evening, put out some bowls of white vinegar in addition to the charcoal. These will do well to help get rid of the smokey smell…but you will of course smell vinegar in the morning.

5 – Put Baking Soda on Everything

Not electronic devices, but just about anything else that can get smelly can take a good dose of baking soda. Whether its your couch, carpet, car seats, or floor rug, putting baking soda on the surfaces for a few hours and then vacuuming off will significantly improve the odor of your room or car after cigarette smoking has occurred. Make sure you try out the baking soda on a small part of the couch or carpet before trying the remedy, however, as some materials and color combinations will not take nicely to it.

6 – Use Coffee Grounds Around the Room

Coffee grounds are another ingredient that can help absorb cigarette odor in your home. If you take some bags of grounds that have been used and tie them off so the grounds don’t spill, then you can place them around the room for a day to help absorb the odor.

7 – Clean Your Light Bulbs

That’s right. Ever look at where the smoke goes when someone smokes inside? That’s right, towards the light. Then, when you turn the light on during subsequent days it will release more odor. When you clean the light bulbs, remove them, lightly wet down with a damp paper cloth, and let dry before replacing in the lamp fixture.

8 – Opening Your Doors and Windows

Another easy one, but opening all of your windows and doors for a day or at least several hours will help get the cigarette odor out of you home.

That’s it. 8 tips that you can use to help eliminate cigarette odor from your home or car before spending big bucks on professional cleaning or other electronic air cleaners. Of course the best way to remove cigarette odor is to just not smoke in your home or car ! :)

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