How Does Stop Smoking by Hypnosis Work?

 Stop Smoking by HypnosisThere are a number of stop smoking aids and stop smoking methods available to help you quit cigarettes. Trying to go cold turkey without using the benefit of medicine or technology to help reduce the side-effects of nicotine withdrawal can be very difficult! One of the increasingly popular methods to use to help you stop smoking is stop smoking by hypnosis. The hypnosis method makes use of the power of “auto suggestion” that requires the patient willingly undergo the hypnosis procedure. When you believe in the hypnosis method and choose to use it, it can prove to be a powerful method to help you kick the habit.

How the Hypnosis Treatment Works

Stop smoking by hypnosis addresses your sub-conscious mind. The hypnotist should make an attempt to educate you about the process so that you are comfortable being placed in a trance and having auto-suggestion techniques being applied to quell your mental urge to smoke. Just like other stop smoking methods, if your will to quit is not strong, stop smoking by hypnosis will fail. Smokers still report suffering from cravings when using the method, though it takes longer for those who fail to revert back to smoking normally from the effects of the procedure. The method can be cost prohibitive though if you are on an extremely tight budget. Some therapists will charge you in excess of $100 USD per treatment session, though if you have the money available and are successful, you will save significantly more money than this over the long term. The hypnosis treatment will require more than one session in order to be an effective stop smoking aid for you. Most successful therapists you will find who offer the treatment will also provide a support network or counseling therapy to complement the hypnosis treatment to help you stay off of cigarettes for the ling term. One of the biggest mistakes you can make with the hypnosis treatment for stopping smoking is to only pay for one or two visits to your therapist. You should plan on at least three to five visits to the hypnotist when calculating your budget for your stop smoking plan.

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