How Does an Ionizer Air Cleaner Work?

If you are a smoker, friend of a smoker, or a business that permits smoking indoors, you likely are in need of finding the right ionizer air cleaner to use in the structure that smoking is occurring. For business, this can be required by law in some states, where in the home you may just want to have a fresher smelling house that does not contain as many pollutants for your visitors that do not smoke.

What is an Ionizer Air Cleaner?

Many of the air cleaners or purifiers on the market will contain inonzers that will help to further clean the air of airoborne particles working in conjunction with a HEPA filter. When the ionizer component of the unit is turn on, there is electricity or voltage applied to internal needle that produce electrons which are subsequently discharged into the air. Once the electrons bond to air molecules, ions are produced and discharged into the room. They will then attach themselves to cigarette smoke, pollen, dust, and pet dander and will either fall to the floor to be swept later or be collected by the ionizer air cleaner.

What is a HEPA Filter?

HEPA stands for “High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor” and is a type of air filter that is used in ionizer air cleaners, vacuums, and air cleaning and purification systems. When your air purification system uses a HEPA air filter, it will filter the molecules produced by your ionizer air cleaner to as small as 0.3 microns. Some systems that you will find will run the air through the filtration  system multiple times in order to better clean the air with a measure of performance of the units that you will find on the market being the number of air changes per hour per square feet. High quality ionizer air cleaners will perform up to 15 air echanges per hour for a 1,000 square foot room with lower quality ones only conducting two to four exchange per hour.

Ozone Ionizer Air Cleaners

An ozone Ionizer air cleaner many times get confused with the HEPA-based air cleaners and purification systems on the market but are one of the best options forremoving cigarette and cigar smoke from your home or business. This type of air purifier does not make use of a filtration system. They use a two step process for air filtration. These filters contain oxidation with ionization of the air in the surrounding area. They can make use of needlepoint ionization or a newer variant called radio ionization. Radio ionization makes use of newer technologies which send out a radio wave that ionizers the air for a range of 50 feet from the unit. Ozone ionization units can be an irritant for people who have asthma or lung problems if the ozone level is set too high on the unit for the area being covered, so you have to ensure you follow the manufacturer instructions to the letter.

Picking the Right Ionizer Air Cleaner

There’s no Holy Grail when trying to pick the right ionizer air cleaner for your home or business. You will need to consider what your needs are, i.e. to remove cigarette smoke only? or do you want to remove allergens, pet dander, and smoke and would be better served by a HEPA and ionizer air purification system. A popular option for businesses who are solely worried about smoke filtration has been the smoke eater. Regardless, you should ensure you conduct sufficient research into available products before making a purchase for the home or your business.

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