Helping Teens Stop Smoking

If your teenager smokes, you need to understand why they started in order to help them quit the habit. There are a number of reasons that your teen may have started smoking in the first place, so by getting to that root cause you will be more effective in your efforts to help them stop smoking.

Be Careful in Discussing Smoking with Your Teenager

Adolescents are very susceptible to getting addicted to nicotine and cigarettes. You have to be very careful when initially addressing the situation with your teen. If you try to exert too much pressure, or display outward signs of anger you may just have the opposite effect on your teenage and make them turn further to smoking out of spite. Sometimes the best way to approach the subject is to just ask them why they started smoking in the first place. They very likely already feel guilty about smoking, so by treating them like an adult when you bring the subject up and being supportive may provide just the positive and supportive feedback needed by your teen to stop smoking. Once you have initiated the dialogue with your teen, ensure you don’t castigate them in any way. You still need to point out the hazards to their health by smoking at such a young age, and if you smoke it could appear that you are being hypocritical.

Don’t Lie to Your Teen about Smoking

Teenagers are smart. If you lie to them about smoking, they will know. If you don’t like them smoking, tell them, but tell them why. Your teen still looks up to you despite what they may say or tell you. The goal is for you to be a positive influence in their decision to quit. One major point that seems to hit home with a lot of teen girls is the fact of how smoking will stain their teeth if done too long. The other big point is the continuing increase in cigarette package costs. Those build up significantly and represent funds that can be used to buy music, go to the movies, buy clothes, etc.

Ultimately, it will be up to your teenage to make the decision to stop smoking. Although they are not adults yet, you will not be able to stop him or her from smoking if they really want to do so. You can not permit it in your house or on your property until they are of legal age to smoke, however, teens will find a way to keep smoking if they really want to do so. If you’re teen is open to quitting cigarettes, they you should help provide stop smoking aids and exposure to nicotine replacement therapies to help them kick the habit for good.

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