Erectile Dysfunction Linked to Long Term Narcotic Use in Men

 erectile dysfunction and Narcotic use

The problem of erectile dysfunction (ED) is connected to consumption of non-prescription medicines for a longer period of time or exceeding the limit of consuming a drug. Basically, it is all about taking the higher dosage of opioid medication for more than 4 months. Prolonged usage of the medicine may drag the patient into the pit of pains. No matter how technology is doing and how much science has transformed the world, this situation may lead to chronic pains. These pains may prove to be a hindrance in having sound sleep. Well, the problems do not stop here and they further extend to depression too. This is the reason that drugs have been developed to treat it.

How Narcotic use affects men’s sexual life?

It is the matter of age and aging may also lead to one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. Ideally, men over the age of 60 are more likely to fall prey to the problem of erectile dysfunction. Let us understand what it is all about. The problem of erectile dysfunction is concerned with the inability of the penile region to get hardened at the time of sexual contact. It is the flow of blood to the soft bodily tissues inside the penis that makes it erect. In the condition of erectile dysfunction, the flow of blood is very low and the ability of bodily tissues to perform their function becomes practically impossible. Besides the reason of aging, excessive use of prescribed or non-prescribed medicines paves the way of narcotic abuse.
Long term usage of opioids abuse may lead to serious complications in men, which may require the immediate prescription of Erectile Dysfunction. Along with this, excessive use of sedative hypnotics may also mandate for ED or Erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

The dangerous effects due to the long term effect of narcotic drugs can be treated by proper medical help. There are natural ways as well to treat this condition. Cannabis oil is the emerging solution for ED caused as the side effects of use of prescription drugs. Visit Ceptiontx site, where you will get the indetail explanation and therapeutic effects of prescription drugs.


What studies say about erectile dysfunction and narcotics use?

Well, the studies have made it evident that an overdose of prescribed medicines leads to the reduction in the production of hormones. This may further lead to erectile dysfunction. Also, older men tend to developer Erectile Dysfunction faster than the younger men. Indeed, it is the age group of 60 to 69 years who are more likely to get the disease than the younger men of 18 to 29 years of age. In fact, some of the other factors that contribute to ED are peripheral vascular disease, diabetes, heart disease, and even alcohol consumption. In this regard, the doctors would like to treat chronic pain in the first go that tends to lay the strong ground for effective treatment procedure. Also considering the higher dosage, taking 120 mg of morphine is equivalent to an alarming situation.
If a patient is experiencing ED or Erectile Dysfunction they may consider checking out the internet for gaining exclusive information on the kind of treatment required and the reason behind their problem. Along with this, they can also contact a suitable doctor online that can give consultation and suitable medications. It is obvious that the patients with ED are likely to get entangled into inferiority complex and get driven towards isolation. This is the reason that immediate medication is mandatory.