Electronic Cigarettes: Are they safe?

Many of us have seen advertisements for electronic cigarettes in our efforts to quit smoking – but are they actually as safe as they claim to be? According to experts: Yes! Standard cigarettes are dangerous not only to the smoker, but everyone around – and in the case of pregnant women, it can permanently damaging to the child they are carrying not to mention the second hand smoke dangers to those around them.

Dangers of Traditional Cigarettes

Standard cigarettes have two core components: Tar and Tobacco. Both of these substances are highly dangerous to unborn and newborn children and often result in permanent health defects. Furthermore, the sheer smell of cigarettes is irritating to both the respiratory system and the eyes of a child, and may be the cause of his discontent and crying.

No one would ever be able to tell you that smoking a standard cigarette in front of a child is safe nor is it a wise thing to do. You would be placing them in the direct line of danger by exposing them to a myriad of negative chemicals and potential health problems. So, what makes electronic cigarettes so much safer? Let’s take a look…

Electronic Cigarette Safety

Electronic cigarettes do not carry chemicals that result in cancer. Plus, the two main components of standard cigarettes that I mentioned above don’t exist in electronic cigarettes, which is a huge benefit.

The smoke. Electronic cigarettes emit ‘smoke’ which is comprised of harmless vapor, which quickly evaporates into the air. It does not irritate the body. This is the exact opposite of what a traditional cigarette does. The vapor does not smell, and dissipates within seconds. The only reason that you can see the vapor from an e-cig is due to the manufacturers adding propylene glycol to the vapor mix so the smoker has the visual look of smoking

Where Can You Smoke Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are safe and legal to smoke anywhere – even if regular cigarettes are forbidden. So now when you enter the mall or a restaurant, you won’t need to put out your cigarette and go for an extended period of time without one. Simply ‘light up’ your electronic cigarette, sit back and relax.

Finally, electronic cigarettes do not contain the thousands of toxins found in traditional tobacco smokes! You can easily reduce a vast array of possible risks to a person’s health by switching to electronic cigarettes. You’ll also rid yourself of carcinogens, the disgusting smell, and the unbearable smoke without giving up nicotine.

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