Electronic Cigarette Affiliate Programs

This section of the website is for the ex-smoker web entrepreneur who wants to start selling electronic cigarettes to help make supplemental income. Similar to other online money making occupations, affiliate sales are not “get rich quick” schemes. It will take you some time and effort to make money selling products online. As I gain experience with different programs, I will post the specific information on each product or company here for you to review and make your own decision on whether or not to sign up as an affiliate. Assume that any links you click via this website will result in some type of gain for myself or the website. No company has paid me to list their program, but many programs will pay you a percentage of someone’s sales who sign up through you. As with anything posted on the website, please email or comment with any questions that you have.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Affiliate Program

When you first join the Green Smoke affiliate program you receive a 15% commissions on all sales and return visitors. You will also earn 20% of any commissions that affiliates who sign up under you sell as well.

Green Smoke Affiliate Benefits An added benefit of being a Green Smoke affiliate is that you receive 5% and 10% coupons that your customers may use to save money off of their purchases. These coupon codes have your affiliate ID embedded within them, so you can then use them in traditional print and other advertisement and marketing methods to gain more sales than solely relying on online marketing to sell Green Smoke products.

How Much Does It Cost to be a Green Smoke Affiliate? Nothing. The program is free to sign up to become an affiliate. Unlike other online affiliate programs, Green Smoke currently offers a $25 bonus to associates who sign-up. That’s right, just for signing up for the program.

How Do I Get Paid? Since the company started giving new affiliates $25 USD sign-on bonuses, the minimum payout was increased to $100 USD. For any month that you reach $100 in sales, you will be paid at the end of the subsequent month.

Green Smoke Affiliate Statistics Support Green Smoke provides near real time statistics monitoring for your affiliate account. Their back-end tracking system gives you a visual display of the number of referrers that you have via your affiliate ID, where they came from, IP address, time of visit, and any sales information that is applicable. You can further tailor your referral URL’s if you decide to run multiple PPC advertisements to drive traffic to your sales pages online as well.Sign up as a Green Smoke electronic cigarette affiliate.

Luci Electronic Cigarette Affiliate Program

If you want to become a Luci electronic cigarette affiliate, it will not cost you a dime to sign up. The company doesn’t require you to have your own website to sign-up, though it will help. You can use your affiliate ID to market the product through PPC (pay per click) engines, internet forums, email, or any other means you can think of (that isn’t considered illegal of course!). Luci pays a generous 30% commission on all sales directed to the website through your affiliate link.

How Does Luci Pay You?

Luci uses the popular Post Affiliate Pro to track referrals to their site from your affiliate links. Once the consumer buys a product using your referral, your account is automatically credited for 30% of the sale purchase. Once your account reaches a minimum $100 USD threshold, payment will be issued on the 15th of the next month.

How Do You Set Up an Account?

Easy, just fill out the Luci affiliate signup form and you will get a welcome email with other information on the Luci sales program. Once you’re signed up, Luci provides banner advertisements, links, training material, and near real time statistics to help you make money online.

So, if you haven’t signed up as a Luci affiliate, what are you waiting for?