How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

E-Cigs came onto the market in the mid-2000′s. An electronic cigarette produced a vapor that is comprised of water, propylene glycol, flavoring, and nicotine which is subsequently inhaled by the smoker. Since the initial production of the electronic cigarette, there have also been electronic cigars, pipes, and hookahs produced by different manufacturers. Electronic cigarette products … Continue Reading

Electronic Cigarettes: Are they safe?

Many of us have seen advertisements for electronic cigarettes in our efforts to quit smoking – but are they actually as safe as they claim to be? According to experts: Yes! Standard cigarettes are dangerous not only to the smoker, but everyone around – and in the case of pregnant women, it can permanently damaging … Continue Reading

How Does E Liquid Work?

E Liquid is the term used to describe the nicotine that is in electronic cigarette cartridges. Many of the electronic cigarette manufacturer’s cartridges are not meant to be refilled, however, many people choose to refill their old e-cig cartridges instead of continuing to purchase new ones to reduce waste and minimize cost. You can also … Continue Reading