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This section of the website is dedicated to helping you buy electronic cigarettes online in the United States. If you live in another country, you will want to read the company’s terms of service to see if you are permitted to buy electronic cigarettes from the applicable company or not. Normally, the primary issue can arise with U.S. smokers attempting to purchase electronic cigarettes from non-US based companies.

Electronic Cigarette Specials!

Smokers all over the world have already changed their lives when they decided to switch to the Green Smoke electronic cigarette. Now think, whose life will you change this year?? Your spouse? Your co-worker? Your teacher or student? Your neighbor? Or maybe your life?

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Green Smoke is a US-based electronic cigarette company. As a result, if you have read any of the press on other e-cig company products being held up in customs or altogether, you won’t have to worry if buying a Green Smoke product for a loved one for the Holidays! The other nice thing about the Green Smoke company is they provide a 30 day satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

Unlike a number of other electronic cigarette companies, you’ll be hard pressed to read bad reviews on the Green Smoke company customer service. They also have a number of options to choose from when picking a starter kit to try out before deciding to use their product as a full time replacement for traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The Green Smoke product is comprised of two pieces which are the e-Cigarette cartridge and the Green Smoke battery. Inside of the cartridge is the nicotine and flavoring solution for the e-Cig. The atomizer for the Green Smoke electronic cigarette is built in to the cartridge which reduces many of the complaints found with older models of electronic cigarettes.

The best way to tell your Green Smoke cartridge is starting to run out is when the flavor of the e-Cig starts to become weak and the electronic cigarette starts to taste burnt. A new Green Smoke cartridge will last you about two packs worth of traditional tobacco cigarettes. When the e-Cig battery starts to get low, the light will blink indicating for your to unscrew the old battery and screw on a new one.

Green Smoke offers several different starter kits so that you’ll have everything you need to begin using their e-cigarettes.

The Green Smoke Basic Starter Kit includes:

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

2 Lithium ion rechargeable electronic cigarette batteries

1 USB home charger kit  (includes USB adapter and wall adapter) (100-240VAC)

5 Nicotine cartridges

1 Green Smoke electronic cigarette manual

The Social Smoker Kits Includes:

1   Lithium ion rechargeable electronic cigarette battery

1   Nicotine cartridges (Tobacco Flavor and 6mg of nicotine)

1   USB home charger kit  (includes USB adapter and wall adapter) (100-240VAC)

1   Green Smoke electronic cigarette manual book

Green Smoke Also Offers a Love Birds Kits for smoking couples!

If you want to try out Green Smoke, got to the Green Smoke Website, and make sure you use discount code DISC10-8454 to get 10% off of your first order of electronic cigarettes!

Electronic Cigarette Offer#2 -E-Cigs Electronic Cigarettes

E-Cigs Electronic Cigarettes

E Cigs Free Trial Electronic Cigarettes

E-Cig electronic cigarettes are one of the latest electronic cigarette products offered on Stop Smoking Cigs. With the E-Cigs electronic cigarette, you can smoke just about anywhere you want without having to worry about going out in the extreme cold or heat or polluting your friends or family with second hand smoke.

The Benefits of the E-Cigs E-Smokes are:

– It tastes, feels, and looks like a cigarette
– No nicotine withdrawal symptoms
– Smoke just about anywhere  you want
– No more ash, smelling like smoke, or polluting your body

E-Cigs is available as a FREE TRIAL Offer to anyone who chooses to test one for themselves. Unfortunately, this risk free trial offer will expire soon so we advise that you act as soon as possible. What do you have to lose? If you enjoy the product, signing up through this offer will then entitle you to 10 refill packets for $59.99 (an equivalent of 20 packets of traditional smokes) after the trial period has elapsed for the E-Cigs electronic cigarette.