Stop Smoking Info: Teen Smoking Facts

Despite it being illegal for teens under the age of 18 to purchase cigarettes in most of the developed world to include the United States, there are still more than 3 million teen smokers in the U.S. Alone. The time to educate your teen about smoking is in the pretween and tween years. If your … Continue Reading

Smoking Facts: Why Cigarettes Cause Bad Breath

One of the ways that smoking causes bad breath is through its ability to allow nicotine to build up throughout your mouth. It dries everything out, decreasing the level of available moisture. It also goes a step further by decreasing saliva production, which is critical to a healthy mouth because saliva washes your mouth clean … Continue Reading

Smoking Cessation Products – Smoke Deter

Most people who smoke know that it is bad for their health. Quitting cigarettes is one of the hardest things you can do in life. The addiction level of cigarettes has been compared to that of crack cocaine or heroin. Smoking cessation products are sold in order to help you get rid of your addiction … Continue Reading

Stop Smoking Products – SmokeRx

A large number of smokers try to quit tobacco every year. A fair number fail in their efforts to do so from failing to properly plan their stop smoking attempt and choosing a stop smoking product or aid to help them. Smoke Rx is an herbal stop smoking remedy that is nicotine free and worth considering … Continue Reading

Using Acupuncture as a Stop Smoking Method

Michael Smith was the trailblazer in the area of researching, developing, and refinging acupuncture as a stop smoking method to help patients with drug detox in the 1970′s. He primarily focused on using acupuncture in the vicinity of the patient’s ear. During his research, he closely looked at the nature of patient addiction and how … Continue Reading

Stop Smoking Products – ZeroSmoke

Acupuncture therapies to stop smoking have grown in popularity over the past decade as an alternative to nicotine replacement therapies (NRT’s). ZeroSmoke is a stop smoking product that uses Auricular Therapy with ideas from acupuncture in order to stimulate your nervous system similar to nicotine. How Does ZeroSmoke Work? The ZeroSmoke bio-magnets are worn on … Continue Reading

10 Ways to Give Up Smoking

It has been alleged that nicotine addiction is equivalent to that of crack cocaine and heroine. Although its easy to start smoking, it takes a lot of hard work to kick the habit. Many people fail in their attempts to stop smoking because they believe it will be easy. It is anything but easy, however … Continue Reading

Why Kids and Teens Smoke

You would be surprised at how facts and fiction about smoking get spread amongst teens and tweens in today’s age of everyone having a mobile phone at the age of ten, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and so forth. Odds are, your child is at least as connected to the Internet and friends as you are (if … Continue Reading

Helping Teens Stop Smoking

If your teenager smokes, you need to understand why they started in order to help them quit the habit. There are a number of reasons that your teen may have started smoking in the first place, so by getting to that root cause you will be more effective in your efforts to help them stop … Continue Reading

Wellbutrin and Smoking

Bupropion is a prescription medication that is licensed for use for several purposes which include treating depression, smoking cessation, and treating seasonal affective disorder. Buproprion comes in several variants which include Wellbutrin, Wellbutrin SR, Wellbutrin Xl, and Zyban. What Are the Variants of Wellbutrin? The variants of Wellbutrin are Wellbutrin, Wellbutrin SR, Wellbutrin Xl, and … Continue Reading