10 Ways to Give Up Smoking

It has been alleged that nicotine addiction is equivalent to that of crack cocaine and heroine. Although its easy to start smoking, it takes a lot of hard work to kick the habit. Many people fail in their attempts to stop smoking because they believe it will be easy. It is anything but easy, however your patience will be rewarded with significantly improved health, and hopefully a longer life! The following are some ways to help you give up smoking that can be used with other stop smoking methods to help you kick the habit.

#1 Way to Give Up Smoking – Make the Plan Before You Start

Many people fail to develop their stop smoking plan before they try to stop. You have to define what you are going to do and how at the very beginning. Whether you’re going cold turkey, or setting daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals on your way to quitting, you have to have a plan to increase your odds of succeeding.

#2 Way to Give Up Smoking – Don’t Kid Yourself That You Didn’ t Enjoy It
Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you didn’t enjoy cigarettes because the same process could result in convincing yourself that you will not suffer ill effects from smoking.

#3 Way to Give Up Smoking – Use Stop Smoking Aids
You can use Nicotine Replacement Therapies or other stop smoking aids to help you curb your nicotine addiction. These range from nicorette gum to herbal smoking.

#4 Way to Give Up Smoking – Minimize Coffee, Alcohol, and Sugar
Another quick way to fail in your attempts to quit smoking is to continue coffee and alcohol consumption. They will stimulate your desire for a smoke and could tempt you enough into reverting back into a smoker.

#5 Way to Give Up Smoking – Drink Lots of Water – Drink a lot of water
Smoking leaves a lot of nicotine and other harmful chemicals in our body. By drinking a large amount of water you help clean out the bad things still in your body.

#6 Way to Give Up Smoking – Practicing Pranayama (A Form of Yoga)
Pranayama helps relieve the stress you go through when trying to quit. It will help with your cravings as well as reduce stress in your life.

#7 Way to Give Up Smoking
Exercise Regularly

By exercising your body, it is releasing chemicals into your blood stream to help you feel better.

#8 Way to Give Up Smoking – Seek family and friend support
Ask your friends and family to help you quit. It will take a lot of will power to quit, but having a support network in place can’t be beat.

Leaving the habit of smoking requires a lot of will power and encouragement. Usually, having a support system in the form of family and friends come in handy. They would surely help whenever you seem to falter.

#9 Way to Give Up Smoking – Counter withdrawal symptoms
Find a way to counter-act the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. You have to be very motivated to quit to get through the initial withdrawal. Using your support network and exercise is a great way to alleviate these problems.

#10 Way to Give Up Smoking – Reward yourself
If you’re doing a good job, then by all means reward yourself as you reach milestones on your stop smoking plan. Whether its desert or just another golf club for yourself.

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