Nicotine Replacement Therapy – Habitrol Nicotine Patches

Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT’s) are smoking cessation aids that are used by some smokers to help ween themselves off of nicotine in a controlled manner. Habitrol nicotine patches are an example of NRT’s that are called “transdermal” patches. This means that they are placed directly on your skin so that your body will absorb the […]

Mouth Cancer Symptoms

The mouth and other portions of the throat and back of the mouth are part of the oral cavity. Mouth cancer is also call oral cavity cancer in which it also includes other parts such as the lips, lining that are in the cheeks, the salivary gland, soft and hard palate, tongue, teeth and tonsils. […]

Liver Cancer Symptoms

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body which basically filters the blood. Hepatoma is another name you can call liver cancer. Basically this organ consists of different kinds of cells which can be affected primarily by cancer because this disease starts in the components in the blood vessels. Liver primary […]

Kidney Cancer Symptoms

The kidneys are describe as an organ that is always in pair, it is at the lower of the abdomen or it can be either at the side of your spine. The size of the kidney is like your fist which is attached to your adrenal gland and it is protected with tissues that are […]