Smoking Cessation Products – CigArrest

There are a wide variety of stop smoking products on the market. More than half of smokers who try to quit during the year will fail. A lot of the time this is from not really having the desire to stop smoking, but other times the failure to quit results from not having a well-thought […]

Use Smoke Eaters to Get Rid of Second Hand Smoke

Tobacco smoke has been found to cause significant health problems not just for smokers but also for those around them with second hand smoke. Second hand smoke has been found to contain more than 4,000 toxins with more than 60 of these being known or suspected of causing cancer of various types. Second hand smoke […]

How Does an Ionizer Air Cleaner Work?

If you are a smoker, friend of a smoker, or a business that permits smoking indoors, you likely are in need of finding the right ionizer air cleaner to use in the structure that smoking is occurring. For business, this can be required by law in some states, where in the home you may just […]

How to Eliminate Cigarette Odor from Your Home or Vehicle

Smoking inside of your home or vehicle can leave a persistent and unpleasant smell well after the cigarette has been smoked. Through in the irritation that the remnants of cigarette smoke can entail for those with asthma and allergies, and getting rid or eliminating cigarette odor from your home or car can become a major […]

Stop Smoking Product – NicoDyne

Trying to stop smoking is one of the hardest tasks facing adults and teenagers in the 21st century. Herbal stop smoking products such as NicoDyne are becoming increasingly popular for smokers to incorporate into their stop smoking plans to help try and rid themselves of nicotine addiction and mitigate withdrawal symptomsfor good. What is in […]

Stop Smoking Product – Smoke Away

Every year, numerous smokers try to kick the habit and fail. Using a stop smoking product or remedy to help you get over nicotine addiction and get through the associatedwithdrawal symptoms is a proven means to success. Smoke Away is an herbal stop smoking product that may be able to help you quit smoking for […]

Smoke Away – Herbal Stop Smoking Remedy

Smoke Away is a an herbal stop smoking remedy and support plan that is produced to help you quit smoking without having to use nicotine replacement therapies. Even though the dangers of cigarette smoking such as lung cancer, heart disease, and other health complications are well-known, one of the common problems that results in smokers […]

Stop Smoking Products – ePuffer Electronic Pipe

The ePuffer company is better known for their electronic cigars, however, they have also begun producing an electronic pipe for a safer alternative for pipe smokers to use instead of traditional tobacco pipes. The ePuffer pipe is non-flammable and provides a “clean” alternative to pipe smokers since it does not contain tar, carbon monoxide, or […]

Stop Smoking Products – ePuffer Cohita Electronic Cigars

ePuffer Electronic Cigars started being advertised heavily in early 2009. The ePuffer electronic cigar is a disposable electronic cigar with no cartridges to replace or batteries to charge-up in order to use the e-Cigar. ePuffer refers to their e-Cigars as “Cohitas” due to the simulated taste being geared to mimic the traditional Cuban cigars. ePuffer […]

How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

E-Cigs came onto the market in the mid-2000′s. An electronic cigarette produced a vapor that is comprised of water, propylene glycol, flavoring, and nicotine which is subsequently inhaled by the smoker. Since the initial production of the electronic cigarette, there have also been electronic cigars, pipes, and hookahs produced by different manufacturers. Electronic cigarette products […]